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What is your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

your mobile strategy

your mobile strategyThis cartoon light-heartedly illustrates that there are many companies still in the dark about Direct Marketing. Gone are the days of knocking on doors to reach potential customers, unless you can scale high walls and pole-jump over electric fences! In fact if we look back in history, direct marketing goes all the way back to 1872 where Montgomery Ward created the first mail-order catalogue. By doing this he reduced the slog that many farmers had to endure of having to travel for several days to order their goods via horse and cart. Direct Marketing has come a very long way since this!

Affinity Data is ensuring that history does not repeat itself and go back to the dark ages. We aim to educate companies and propel Direct Marketing into the 21st century by refining the way we reach potential customers by using current, slick, fast marketing practices, rather than a 50cc scooter or ‘horse and cart’ approach.