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Why Use Us

50 million people, 23 million consumers. We have their details.
We are direct marketing experts. We specialise in end-to-end lead generation campaigns, database management and Business or Consumer marketing list rentals. Our comprehensive data solutions provide you with the information needed to cut waste; grow revenue and market your business cost effectively.

Why Use Us

Scalability and Quality Has Never Mattered More

The rapid growth in the volume of unstructured data, which is growing at 60% to 80% year over year according to Gartner, has highlighted the need for organisations of all shapes and sizes to rethink their approach to data management.

Growth in Data Demands

With the proliferation of data centres across organisations and across a variety of online and offline platforms the question facing most Marketing and Sales Departments today is: How do you cost effectively utilise your existing data for lead generation, and customer retention?

Our Unique Opportunity

At Affinity Data we specialize in solving marketing data problems, with a specific emphasis on Lead Generation, List Management and Cleaning as well as Data Analysis. We have one goal in mind: to deliver actionable, data-driven, agile direct marketing solutions for B2C and B2B clients across diverse industries.

We like to think of ourselves as the creators of connections – connections between Marketing, IT, MD’s, agencies and other partners; but more importantly between businesses and their customers.

From old fashioned postal lead generation campaigns, data and database management to email and mobile marketing. Let us show you how we can create and measure the results your company seeks.

Our Values

Customer Focus • Excellence • Innovation • Passion • Integrity • Respect