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Database Management

50 million people, 23 million consumers. We have their details.

We are direct marketing experts. We specialise in end-to-end lead generation campaigns, database management and Business or Consumer marketing list rentals. Our comprehensive data solutions provide you with the information needed to cut waste; grow revenue and market your business cost effectively.

Database Management

Dirty data and poorly compiled databases can severely obstruct your business operations and lose your company revenue. Outsourcing the maintenance of your data with our comprehensive database management solutions can eliminate these errors and redundancies and reduce the chances of them becoming a problem again.

Data Cleansing

We use advanced software applications to cleanse the dirty data off all it faults and inaccuracies. Our intuitive software focuses on the mistakes people naturally make when collecting data, such as inputting information into the wrong box, for example.

Treatments that we apply to your database include:

  • Deduplication – We merge identical records using a pre-set hierarchy
  • Spell Checker – Sending an e-mail to a prospect and leaving a vowel out of their name might harm you chances of getting a response.
  • Address Completion – This includes both residential addresses and misspelt e-mail addresses.
  • File layout – Errors in how some of the data entire have been structured
  • Case and salutation corrections – Sending a marketing message addressed to “j. smith” can look unprofessional compared to “Mr. J Smith”, for instance.

Database Cross Referencing

Once the automated software has gone over your database, if there are still inaccuracies in the data, we get our team of people to go over your database manually and rectify all the remaining errors.

We assure the accuracy of the corrections we make is by cross referencing your database with our large consumer database, which currently houses more than 23 million regularly updated entries.