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SMS and Email Sales Leads

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SMS and Email Sales Leads

Lead Generation to boost your Business


Marketing is a tricky business, and is set to only become more complex as technology evolves. It is no doubt a key driver in your lead generation campaigns, but the challenge is to get the balance right while still communicating your message. The moment you overdo it with your SMS and Email communications, people switch off.

The world has become mobile due in large part to Wi-Fi and the growth in tablets and mobile phones. In todays on the go digital world the use of digital lead generation, strategies led by SMS and Email campaigns have acquired more importance than ever before. The reason for their growing demand simply lies in the ease of use and their capability to reach prospective clients instantaneously while at the same time adding a personalised touch.

Leveraging SMS and Email for Lead Generation

Sending out SMS and email communications to prospective clients can be a very cost effective and efficient marketing tool, when used correctly. Apart from the fact that you can track in real-time what happens once the message has been sent, the real value of SMS and Email lies in their ability to help you stay connected with your customers wherever they are.

sms and email lead generation

If you're planning to target specific audience type and demographics through Email and/or SMS marketing, then you have come to the right place.

At Affinity Data we will help you to cost effectively advertise your products targeting multiple prospects at a time with, help you to increase your sales leads, improve declining conversion rates and build strong relationships with customers all through our Email and SMS direct marketing services.

It just makes sense

SMS marketing makes a lot of sense in todays connected world, as more and more people are using mobile phones for all their communication needs. Bulk SMS messaging allows you to send a large number of messages to multiple users in one go. The coverage that it provides is unparalleled to that of any other media.

Email marketing is by far the most cost effective way to reach your prospects and clients. With over 50 million email records at our disposal, how can you go wrong? But just remember to get all the benefits of email marketing the success of your email campaign is largely dependent on your ability to create an enticing content that can do the job of attracting customers rather than being dismissed as spam

Why us?

As with all other forms of direct marketing and lead generation there’s industry best practices and regulation that must be adhered to, and we do! We only provide opted-in and DMA verified contacts for your lead generation campaigns. Then there is our careful planning and execution, attention to detail and expert advice we provide you with an endless stream of fresh leads for your business, ensuring you get the full benefits:

Benefits of SMS/Email Marketing:

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Reach clients instantaneously
  • You can add a personal response
  • Instant response
  • One of the best methods of target marketing

Since inception, we have been assisting individuals, small and medium business as well as large corporations, bank, insurance companies and more.

Contact the team at Affinity Data today for more information about improving your SMS and Email communication techniques and campaigns.