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Lead Generation

50 million people, 23 million consumers. We have their details.

We are direct marketing experts. We specialise in end-to-end lead generation campaigns, database management and Business or Consumer marketing list rentals. Our comprehensive data solutions provide you with the information needed to cut waste; grow revenue and market your business cost effectively.

Lead Generation

Time is Critical to your Bottom Line

Have you ever considered that everything you’ve ever heard or think you know about traditional lead generation might be WRONG! Doing it the traditional way gives you no guarantee and most business owners don’t want to gamble their money on something that may or may not work.

Do you want to double your sales leads with only 1/3 of the effort?

At Affinity Data we can help any organisation double their revenue & profit by optimising your entire Lead Generation & Conversion process. Our lead generation services business is made up of very talented people from all over South Africa, and as a company we’ve been in sales and marketing industry for over 20 years.

Wasted opportunities

lead generationStudies show that almost a quarter or more of a sales person’s time is spent on researching qualified leads before a sales call. With so much data out there to help identify prospects, identifying new leads faster and understanding when to engage with them is more important than ever. Simply searching the Internet won’t bring home the analysis you need to be competitive.

How can we help your Business?

If you’re like most business owners, marketing managers or sales managers you will instinctively know your biggest opportunity to increase your customer base probably lies in increasing your number of sales opportunities rather than trying to increase your closing rate on the sales opportunities you already have.

Not many data providers are willing to put their money where their mouth is. But that’s exactly what we’re doing.

What we want to do at Affinity Data is help you grow your business by getting you results that deliver and charging you when you get results.

Our Lead generation services and strategies include:

If you need to generate more qualified leads, get more clients and make more sales? Then contact us to request a FREE, no-obligation phone Strategy Session.